From community housing to multi-million dollar estates, the project management team at Insight Unlimited have 15 years’ experience, including international, tailoring construction management and project management to customers’ specific needs. Insight Unlimited’s vast portfolio also includes overseeing and managing multi-unit residential building construction, residential standalone structures, or high-end bespoke residential homes. Whatever your requirements, our residential project managers at Insight Unlimited have the experience and expertise to help you with your residential needs.

The project management team’s residential expertise is utilised to provide our residential clients with the information needed to make risk-adjusted decisions from inception through to project completion. Perhaps you are looking to create your dream home, or perhaps you are restoring an old heritage house to its original beauty, or renovating or extending your home to cater for your ever changing family. Even if you are looking to completely start from scratch or overhaul your entire property, our skilled residential project managers can assist to make the process much less intimidating and a whole lot more exciting. We can remove the stress of project managing your own residential project and ensure that we work with you to make your dream residential property a reality.

The Insight Unlimited residential project managers have a personal touch yet professional approach, with clear and concise reporting systems that are designed to ensure our clients are kept fully informed of progress and that the best outcome is attained in terms of time, cost, and quality. You will be in safe hands while we offer our 15 years worth of expertise, while also being completely informed of the building construction progress.

What is project management? What can residential project managers offer me?

We understand that beginning a residential project can be very daunting, particularly if you don’t have any prior knowledge of building companies or construction. Our project managers are highly skilled with vast experience in residential building projects, and are more than willing to discuss all aspects of the process with clients and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. Our residential project managers oversee all facets of the design and construction process of a residential building project, from developing and reviewing building plans to ensuring the project is completed on time and to your exact standards.

So why should you utilise a professional construction management team for your next residential project, and why should you specifically choose one of Insight Unlimited’s residential project managers? There are a huge number of benefits to hiring a professional on site building construction management team. Removing the stress and hassle of you having to oversee a residential project personally is our top priority, as we make it our business to ensure that the entire process is seamless from start to finish. Our residential project managers oversee the job from the very beginning, ensuring the desired result is achieved. This means that we are willing to sit with you face to face at the conceptual stage of your residential project to determine your exact needs. We take a tailored approach to residential building projects so that you can be sure that we will work together to choose something that fits your precise requirements.


We at Insight Unlimited also have strong working relationships with a number of quality contractors, allowing us to select those that best fit the residential job at hand and remain within your budget. When it comes to residential building projects, a highly qualified and reliable residential project manager is crucial. Even smaller scale jobs, such as a small unit or a minor renovation, requires careful consideration and coordination of services. The residential project managers at Insight Unlimited will oversee and hire appropriate electricians, plumbers, carpenters and other tradespeople that are suited for the residential job and can work within your budget. We have ongoing relationships with many tradespeople, so we have the know-how to ensure that the ones who are chosen for your residential project are the absolute best fit. Without someone to oversee the residential project things can quickly become complicated! We don’t want your residential building to drain you of time and money, so our residential project managers hire only the best contractors to make sure that your timeframe and budget are achieved. We work hard to keep everything moving, ensuring the residential project becomes your dream home – within your budget.

Our in-house team are great at solving problems that are encountered throughout the project, and are highly technically skilled individuals. Most residential projects need to be designed and constructed in an extremely tight timeframe, as we understand that your time is very important to you and your family. Residential project management is a crucial step in this process and ensures that the overall process is streamlined and efficient. The team at Insight Unlimited believe in a collaborative approach, involving both the customer and the residential tradespeople in the ongoing conversations to ensure the project is delivered within the timeframe whilst always keeping the customer as the priority.

We always ensure that the Insight Unlimited project and construction management services are completely seamless. Your residential needs are entirely unique to just you, so we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your very specific requirements and devise a tailored solution with you, guaranteeing we choose the right residential project manager for the job at hand. Insight Unlimited has the right mix of experience, professionalism and personal touch to ensure that you and your family feel completely secure in our project management throughout the entirety of your residential project.

If you have a residential project that requires an expert’s touch, contact our project management and construction management team today on 03 355 7480 or 027 242 3877. We offer our services across Queenstown, Christchurch, Wellington and South Island and we welcome the opportunity to discuss the specific requirements of your project and come up with a tailored solution.

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