“If you need guidance through the labyrinth of compliance and construction options for your Heritage project, we can help”

Insight Unlimited Project Management offers award-winning expertise in Heritage Restoration. Insight Unlimited has been successfully completing heritage projects for 15 years. Our in-house team are great at solving problems that are encountered throughout the project and are highly technically skilled individuals.

It is important to us at Insight Unlimited that we show the utmost respect for our cultural heritage by managing and retaining heritage properties that have importance within your community. Of all the historical building restoration companies, Insight Unlimited is award-winning due to the fact that we ensure that conservation and enhancement of places of visual, archaeological, communal, scientific, architectural, or social significance. We have been privileged to be awarded several commendations as part of the Canterbury Heritage Awards including;

  1. Riccarton House – Heritage Tourism Award Winner
  2. Gaiety Theatre – Public Realm Saved and Restored Highly Commended
  3. Mona Vale Lodge – Domestic Saved and Restored Highly Commended
  4. Jubilee Clock Tower – Seismic Award Highly Commended
  5. Edmonds Clock Tower – Seismic Award Commended
  6. Linwood Community Centre – Public Realm Saved and Restored Commended.
  7. Mona Vale Gatehouse  – Domestic Saved and Restored Highly Commended
  8. Sign of the Takahe – Public Realm Saved and Restored Highly Commended
  9. Mona Vale Homestead – Seismic Award Highly Commended
  10. Sign of the Kiwi– Heritage Tourism Highly Commended 

More recently, we were proud to have been awarded 2017 Christchurch Civic Trust Awards for;

  1. The Mona Vale Homestead 
  2. Linwood Community Arts Centre

Insight Unlimited’s expertise in Historic restoration has ensured that we were involved in projects that were built near the very beginning of European settlement in New Zealand. Our construction project management encompassed ornate Homesteads, theatre halls, early settler’s cottages, courthouses, a government customs house among many other significant historic restorations. These structures, which underwent meticulous project management, represent the cultural identity of our country. Therefore, the historic restoration of these structures adhered to the stringent compliance requirements of the planning, design, approval, consent, and construction processes that are truly complex.

Our dedicated team of building project management professionals have proven multiple times throughout their dedicated and successful projects that we successfully and succinctly manage these rigorous processes, delivering historic heritage buildings back to their former glory without compromising the cultural beauty and integrity of the structures.

The earthquake events in the South Island of New Zealand caused devastating damage to countless heritage buildings. Since then, Insight Unlimited have painstakingly project managed the historic restoration of over 65 heritage listed buildings for both local government and private parties. The Insight Unlimited approach is to pay meticulous attention to detail from the time of inception, through the processes of historic building restoration, to post heritage restoration. From the moment we begin the project to the point of project completion, our historic restoration company is incredibly thorough through every step. We are dedicated to providing superior service through our proven knowledge, expertise, integrity, and professionalism, and our heritage restoration.

Unlike many other restoration companies, we at Insight Unlimited have been able to combine innovative structural solutions with traditional building techniques, delivering cost-effective and compassionate results. Insight Unlimited ensures that the three key pillars of a successful project delivery; time, cost and quality, are managed proactively. During our extensive time in the business, we have affiliated ourselves with many like-minded professionals: Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Artisans. This unique collaboration of intellectual property mixed with the skills of the craftsman brings together a group of specialists who are experts in returning your heritage building back to its former elegance.

“The highly specialist staff at Insight were a pleasure to work with. They kept us fully informed throughout a long repair process, including detailed information on budgets, costings, timing, heritage and council requirements. I have no hesitation in recommending Insight Unlimited to others who have a difficult or complex building project, particularly one with heritage values” – Charles Dean, Chairman, Riccarton Bush Trust.

Notable works

Insight Unlimited have worked on a multitude of projects over our 15 years, making us a highly reputable historic building restoration company. Below is a snapshot of just some of the heritage projects that demonstrate the diverse skill set of the highly trained professionals at Insight Unlimited:



Our professional team at Insight Unlimited ensure that Heritage projects, though complex, are project managed professionally and expertly. We offer our services across Queenstown, Christchurch, Wellington and South Island and we welcome the opportunity to discuss the specific requirements of your project and come up with a tailored solution. Heritage restoration is extremely important to ensure that the original cultural significance of the site is maintained, and our 15 years in construction project management demonstrates deep care and consideration.

Heritage projects are complex yet both professionally and personally rewarding, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the specific requirements of your project and come up with a tailored solution.

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